Enjoy Our Seafood Dishes Anytime

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If you like seafood, you are welcome to give our restaurant a try. You are going to be impressed with our wide variety of options, from fresh shrimps and sun dried octopus with garlic sauce, to lobsters, calamari, squid, oysters and various species of clams. Everything, from the presentation and the general atmosphere, to the taste of our dishes speaks volume about our most important values and about our mission, which is to bring our clients pleasure with every single bite.

We take pride in offering our guests only the freshest seafood. Our suppliers come by early in the morning, so by the time you sip your coffee, our chefs are already prepared to amaze you with their art. Very few of our specialties are cooked from frozen. Whenever possible, we try to secure fresh supplies of seafood, so that our guests enjoy the taste of the sea and the succulent meat of octopi and of giant lobsters, to name only a few of the things you can try here.

All our side dishes and sauces are carefully prepared, by using verified recipes that make our clients come back for more. Our chefs have a sparkling imagination, yet know when to follow the rules. They manage to mix and match various tastes and flavors, for the ultimate delight of a light, yet filling meal. Moreover, these chefs are also excellent teachers, able to pass on their knowledge to the young generation of cooks. This is how we manage to offer our clients the same good food, each and every time, regardless who’s actually cooking it. Our dishes are always going to be consistent, so you can come back to enjoy the taste you’ve loved over and over again. Recipes are strictly respected, hence the consistency in our cooking.

Our waitstaff has been trained by www.thewellingtonagency.com, who we believe to be the finest domestic staffing agency in the area.

We are very strict when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, so you can rest assured you won’t risk food poisoning or any other infection, should you choose to eat here. Our staff is well trained to observe the basic rules of food manipulation, therefore minimizing the risk of contamination. Frequent audits and quality controls increase the level of safety, so we can say that no client ever has become sick after eating in our restaurant.

Our seafood restaurant welcomes you all year round, from midday to midnight, with good food, fine wines, music, and a cozy atmosphere. You can book a table for a romantic dinner, or you can celebrate your birthday with a lavish seafood meal. You can have a quick lunch or a late dinner whenever you want, as we are open seven days a week.

If you want to try our restaurant, you are welcome to contact us for a reservation. As the space is rather limited, we don’t have a lot of tables, so it’s better to call and book your seats, just in case it happens to be a very busy day. We hope you’re going to like the experience of dining here.