About Our Seafood Restaurant And Grill

If you love seafood, you should definitely come to our restaurant. You will be impressed by the options on offer from sun-dried octopus in a garlic sauce with fresh shrimps, to calamari, oysters, squid, lobsters and our variety of clam species. Everything from the atmosphere and the way we present our food, to way of our dishes taste, really promotes our important values as well as our overall mission to bring each customer pleasure from each bite of food.

We are proud to only offer the freshest ingredients and all our suppliers arrive with the different deliveries in the morning, so at the time you are taking your first sip of tea or coffee for day, our skilled chefs are preparing to amaze our guests with their refined skills. We try our best to secure a fresh supply of seafood everyday to ensure that very few dishes are prepared from frozen, to ensure our guests are able to enjoy the freshest dishes straight from the sea along with the succulent meat from giant lobsters, octopi and more.

We also offer different chocolates for dessert. Our chocolates were made using high-quality Chocolate Machines, which is why we are sure that their quality and taste are 100% perfect all the time.

Every sauce and side dish are prepared with care, with the use of verified recipes which ensures our customers keep returning for more. Our team of chefs have a vivid imagination yet are still aware of sticking to the rules. They are highly skilled in mixing and matching different flavors and tastes, that results in delightful light and filling meals.

More importantly our chefs are experienced teachers that work on passing on their extensive knowledge to the next generation of skilled chefs. This is the way that we have managed to maintain the same great food each time, regardless of which chef is preparing your meal. We take pride in maintaining consistency with our dishes, which means you can expect the same flavors and quality when you return for your next visit. The recipes we use are highly respected, which is what results in maintaining precise consistency in our dishes.

We take the strictest precautions when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, which means you never have to worry about contracting an infection or food poisoning when you eat at our establishment. All our staff are trained in observing and carrying out the basic rules when it comes to manipulating food, which dramatically reduce the risks involved in contamination. Frequent quality controls and audits increase our safety levels, which means we can safely say that no customer has ever contracted food poisoning after eating here.

Our restaurant is open throughout the year from Midday onto Midnight, with great music, wine, food and of course a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Spoil your loved one with a romantic meal for two or celebrate an event such as your birthday with a sumptuous seafood meal. You can also join us for a late dinner or even a quick bite for lunch, we are open for business 7 days a week.

If you are interested in dining here, please contact us to make your reservation. The space is some what limited which is why it is always better to give us a call to ensure we can accommodate you or when we experience a busy evening. We are sure that you will love your dining experience with us and look forward to welcoming you to our establishment.